Active Duty Soldier DEFENDS Trump’s Transgender Ban and It’s VIRAL!

From an Active Duty Soldier’s post:

My unit was just briefed on the current regulations for transgender soldiers. The rules for bathrooms and barracks for a transgender TRANSITIONING do no create a clear solution or accommodation.

(That last word is key, I’ll get to that in a moment).

As it stands now, a person with male genitalia, but full breasts, and dresses like a female, would stay in male barracks, and shower in male open bay showers. As in an open room with multiple shower heads on the wall.

As for what gender a trans soldier is graded as on the army physical fitness test, they are to be graded as their original gender until a doctor signs off that they have completed their transition.

This means that a male soldier could be taking hormone suppressors to become female, but while in transition begin failing the PT test as a male because of said hormones. And this could carry on for over year. There is no accommodation for this. The soldier would be counseled and do remedial PT for failing to meet the minimum standards.

Back to that word accommodation. The military is and has to be a highly mobile force, who’s soldiers can live and operate in remote locations, with minimal creature comforts. A tent with 14 cots, port-a-pottys, shower trailers with no privacy. It cannot afford to accommodate special needs. If you have asthma, you can’t serve. There’s nothing bad about you. You just have a special need. And the same thing goes for someone who’s transgender, and especially someone who is transitioning.

Serving in the military is not a RIGHT. The military is a force to PROTECT & DEFEND America. It is only for those who are the most able-bodied, and can pull their own weight without help. Needing special showers and living accommodations is an impediment to operational needs.

Maybe there’s room for discussion about allowing people who have FULLY transitioned to serve. But before that happens, I believe the person has far too many special needs. And paying for transition with military money is a waste. And not why the military exists.

From another post:

Correct me if I’m wrong with this; it’s my understanding, gender reassignment requires a CONSTANT, LIFELONG daily hormonal regiment? You cannot serve, no one can, if you are prescribe a daily substance. I’m thinking diabetics here. Do you know ANY diabetics who serve?

There is simply no guarantee that your service will be able to provide your required medications in all situations and circumstances. It’s called fit for duty and I personally know many that were medically discharged after the onset of diabetes or similar constant management illnesses.

Sources: Tammie Twilley Benson and Truthfeed

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