Bitter Al Gore Just Made Another Kooky “Prediction”

8 Years ago, Al Gore predicted the polar ice caps would gone by now. He was wrong and they are still here, as strong as ever.

Now, the failed Presidential candidate has another prediction – that President Trump will be impeached for “ethical reasons.”

Keep dreaming, Al.

Former vice president Al Gore suggested on Tuesday that President Trump’s presidency could end early for “ethical reasons.”

“We’re only six months into the experiment with Trump. Some experiments are ended early for ethical reasons,” Gore said at a showing in Berlin, Germany, of his new film on climate change.

Gore, the Democratic former vice president to President Bill Clinton, is an outspoken critic of Trump’s climate change policies.

His new movie, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” argues climate change is an ethical challenge similar to the civil rights movement or the fight for gay rights.

“We can win this … All we need is the political will,” Gore told attendees at Berlin’s Zoo Palast cinema of the battle against global warming.

Sources: Washington Examiner and Truthfeed

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