People have rightly denounced white supremacists, neo-Nazis and KKK groups for the violence of this past weekend in Charlottesville. I don’t know of anyone I know who can defend what this lily white trash thugs did over the weekend, or their mindset in general.

But what about black supremacy groups like black lives matter? Or even Latin supremacy groups like La Raza? Should EVERYONE regardless of skin be equal in this country? That’s what we always hear when on lily white supremacist thug causes problems. Why not the same for Black Lives Matter? Did everyone just conveniently forget how black lives matter terrorists killed five Dallas police officers last year?

Has everyone also forgot that black supremacists group black lives matter basically took a man hostage earlier this year in Chicago and yelled ‘fuck Trump, fuck white people’ to him as they tortured him? Oh, and he was a special needs man too.

None of these stories, got a fraction of the attention this weekend’s violence did. Am I to assume that black supremacists groups are Ok? Am I to assume that all lives don’t matter and only black lives matter?

I am tired of the double standard. Lily white supremacists deserve all the hate, all the vitriol they get. They dish it out, they should be able to take it. But black lives matter is no better and have done far worse to date than a handful of beer belly white nationalists. What happened to Heather Heyer over the weekend can never be excused or tolerated. But neither should the five cops that were ambushed and killed in Dallas by black lives matter. There is also no way ANYONE can defend what black lives matter did to the man in January, taking him hostage, yelling racial epithets and torturing him.

The fact that the media, politicians and police officers give black lives matter a free pass should be scary for everyone. Either you are against hate and bigotry against all groups or you are a bigot and racist you claim to hate.

Source: Pacific Pundit

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