CANADA: Flyers left around an off-leash dog park warn owners to keep their filthy dogs away from Muslims

City officials in Pitt Meadows claim they did not put up the anti-dog flyers in Hoffman Park, but you can be very sure a Muslim did. Muslims are notorious for their hatred of dogs because they allege that the prophet Mohammed hated black dogs because he was bitten by one. Muslims today have extended Mo’s hatred to all dogs, which they believe are filthy and haram (prohibited by Islam).

ATTENTION  Readers! ALL the other flyers, as seen below, are actual flyers that have been posted in several Muslim areas of London. The photos here are an example of what Muslims do to dogs whenever they have the opportunity.

SurryNowLeader (h/t Mike F)  Signs advising dog owners that their pets offend Muslims may bear the Pitt Meadows logo, but they do not originate from city hall.

Carolyn Baldridge, manager of communications for the city, said the signs bear the city logo, but do not originate from city hall. They were found at Hoffman Park, which is a designated dog off-leash area.

Baldridge said the person circulating the signs has not been identified, but they are being taken down, noting they have an unauthorized use of the city logo, and it is not the city’s messaging. She noted the city does have a bylaw that asks dog owners to keep their pets on a leash, except in designated off-leash areas.

The City did not produce these notices,” said Mayor John Becker. “Pitt Meadows has off-leash areas for dogs and our bylaws dictate that dogs must be on a leash in other areas of the community.

As for the notices, whether they were produced by a well-meaning member of the Muslim community or by someone wanting to cause contention, the fact remains that there are current bylaws in place that enforce areas for dogs to be on leash, except in designated off-leash areas.”

Although dog owners are required to leash their pets under city bylaws, Hoffman Park is an off-leash park where canines are allowed to roam free.

The Facebook Page Protecting Pitt Meadows made note of the sign, and there were 30 comments, including some asserting dog owners’ rights, and others saying this an attempt to stir up hatred against Muslims.

A website at the bottom of the page is said to bear anti-Islamic material. The website is for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper said this is a common stunt found around the world, where racist groups post flyers in the hopes of agitating further distrust and resentment against Muslims. (Dougie Hooper is lying, as usual, these signs are very common in Muslim areas and they are ALWAYS put up by Muslims)

“It’s just one after another and the haters just hope it will have a cumulative effect of demonizing Islam and marginalizing Muslims,” Hooper said. (No need for that, Dougie, you Muslims have done a bang-up job of that yourselves)

Hooper said his organization had nothing to do with the flyers, saying that they “take some twisted view of Islam and try to turn people off from Islam and to create some kind of tension with the local Muslim community.” He calls the problem symptomatic of a larger trend of growing hostility against Muslims and Islam.

Designated left wing terrorist goup ANTIFA has long been allied with the Islamofascists and are instructing them on how best to hurt the pet dogs of people they hate (anyone who is not far left or Muslim).

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