CHINA: Anti-Muslim posters have emerged in Beijing, warning citizens to be aware of ‘people with beards, black clothes or robes’

Gotta respect a country where political correctness has no place and Muslims get put in theirs. Among other things the poster contains: “Be vigilant about reporting any underground weekly (Islamic) preaching.”

The caricatures following the instructions are that of stereotypical images of a Muslim men and a women. The poster also described the Uyghur (majority of Chinese Muslims) flag as ‘suspicious’. Putting up a Uyghur flag, the poster said: “Blue flag with the moon and the star, these markings are suspicious.”

This comes on the heels of the Chinese crackdown on Islamic names, long beards, burqas, and face-covering Islamic headbags, all of which are now forbidden by the Chinese government.

Over the years, Beijing has riled many human rights watchdogs for its behavior towards the Uyghur Muslims, whom it treats as dissidents. (Well, of course they do, that’s where all the Islamic terrorist attacks in China originate)

Source: India Blooms

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