Chuck Schumer spouts constitutional nonsense on the Senate Floor ( VIDEO )

Whatever his personal faults, New York Senator Charles Schumer is not stupid. He used to post his diploma from Harvard University on his US Senate website, until we all mocked him on patriot pages and it went into the memory hole. His entire manner of speaking is premised on the assumption that he knows more than the listener, and has flavor notes of a sneer in the finish.

So when the distinguished senior senator from the State of New York lectures on the founders and the Constitution they bequeathed us, you might expect that he brings at least some facts to his presentation.

You would be wrong.

In a speech on the floor of The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body, Schumer claimed that ‘Our Founding Fathers Intended’ for Congress to ‘Improve Our Healthcare System.’

This is nonsense!!!

Our Republic was founded on the notion of limited government. There is nothing in the Constitution, nothing in The Federalist Papers, and nothing in the historical record of the Constitutional debate indicating that the federal government was contemplated as having a role in improving health care.

He who controls the past also controls the future. Making crap up on the floor of the Senate will fool the Democrat products of public education, but it is a naked propaganda lie.

Source: AmericanThinker

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