DENVER: Was it Sudden Jihad Syndrome that caused a man to steal a truck and ram it into a stranger, killing him instantly?

His name is Eric Ukuni (photo below)and it is not yet confirmed whether or not he is a Muslim. He told people who finally subdued him that he had a “hit list,” and that “three people will die today.” What appears to be a possible Islamic jihad attack on innocent civilians is just like the ones we’ve been seeing all over Europe.

Denver Post  Ukuni, whose race and religion was mysteriously missing from initial reports as possible factors in his attack, went on a killing spree throughout part of Denver. A 66-year-old delivery man was caught in his wrath and murdered by Ukuni, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On Wednesday the Denver coroner’s office identified the man who was struck and killed as 66-year-old Ernest Gurrini (below). He died at the scene of blunt force injuries, the coroner’s office said.

Ukuni allegedly stole the truck from a father who was dropping off his daughter at work. Ukuni threatened the pair, holding his hand in a jacket pocket to suggest he had a gun. According to court documents, Ukuni held  a screwdriver to one of their necks while demanding the keys He reached into the truck, threw it into park and yanked the keys from the ignition, the affidavit said

Ukuni continued to threaten the father and daughter, who jumped from truck and ran in fear. Ukuni then got into the truck, started it, and tried to run both victims over before fleeing in the red Ford. A witness told police she saw a red pickup rear-end a white sedan. “The red pickup then rammed the white sedan four times,” the witness told an investigator. She saw a body in the road next to the van.

Ukuni tried to claim others’ lives after taking Gurrini’s to reach is “goal.” He had announced earlier in the day on Tuesday that he was on a mission to kill three people but was stopped by shoppers at the 7-Elven where he intentionally plowed down the man, according to The Denver Channel.

Gurrini was a teacher and  former vice principal at Aurora Central High School. He stopped at 7-Eleven for coffee and was getting back into his truck heading to his delivery job when he was hit and killed by the driver of the stolen red pickup.

Ukuni is being held on charges of first-degree murder, six counts of attempted murder and aggravated robbery.

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