Designated terrorist group CAIR’s counter-Islamic terrorism nemesis, John Guandolo, has altercation with a Muslim-sympathizing sheriff from the Islamic state of Minnesotastan

John Guandolo, former FBI agent and renowned counter-Islamic terrorism expert who conducts training seminars for law enforcement agencies all over the country encountered a sheriff from a state with a predominance of radical and extremist Muslims, Minnesota, who apparently found Guandolo’s lecture to be offensive

KOLO TV  At the National Sheriffs’ Association’s June 2017 Annual Educational & Technology Expo in Reno, Nevada, where Guandolo was presenting at the conference on behalf of the ‘Understanding the Threat’ organization, he allegedly was involved in an altercation with Hennepin County Sheriff Richard Stanek (below) on June 28, 2017.

Tension between Stanek and Guandolo dates back to October 2016, when the latter published an article titled “In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost” on UTT’s website. In it, Guandolo laments the presence of mosques in Stanek’s jurisdiction and claimed that “under the watch of Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, the jihadi threat has increased exponentially.” Guandolo also criticizes Stanek because he “has refused briefings on the threat from UTT” and instead supposedly works “with jihadis in the community.”

In the restraining order request, Stanek wrote that he agreed to meet with Guandolo, and apparently took issue with Guandolo’s allegations and, according to court records, “questioned the accuracy of the article on Guandolo’s Understanding the Threat website.” Guandolo “reacted by accusing [Stanek] of supporting Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Guandolo should have asked Stanek why he testified to Congress in 2012 about the growing threat of Somali Muslim gangs in Stanek’s own Hennepin County:

Then again, Stanek has proven to be a sharia-compliant sheriff when he caved to demands from designated terrorist group CAIR for inmates at the Hennepin County jail to be allowed to wear religious head coverings, making it the first law enforcement agency in Minnesota to adopt such a policy. Hennepin County sheriff’s office announces new policy for religious head coverings for inmates | Star Tribune.

“The conversation became contentious” following Guandolo’s allegation and he began repeatedly stating he was a combat veteran, court records reveal. Stanek accordingly “stood up and announced that the meeting was over,” to which Guandolo responded by calling Stanek a “fucking asshole.”

Guandolo stood up and went chest-to-chest with Stanek and then shoved him into a wall, the restraining order application said. Stanek wrote that he grabbed Guandolo’s necktie and locked his arm in self defense and Guandolo then threw two punches at Stanek, hitting him once on the left side of his face.

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded and separated the two and they got surveillance video that shows Guandolo striking Stanek, the restraining order application said.

John Andrews, national board chairman for Understanding the Threat, spoke on Guandolo’s behalf and said Guandolo will be vindicated. The video and audio recordings will show that Stanek initiated the violence and Guandolo acted in self defense, Andrews said. Guandolo refused to remove an article that was critical of Stanek and that’s what provoked the confrontation, Andrews said.

Andrews said Guandolo did not know about the restraining order until the news media reported on it. He has never been served with it.

Andrews said Guandolo filed a report with the Reno Police Department alleging an assault by Stanek. Reno Police Department Lt. Scott Shaw confirmed there had been a report filed online but was not able to say Saturday if the case had been referred for possible prosecution. The Hennepin sheriff’s office said Stanek is not facing a criminal charge.

“The whole thing appears to have been a setup instigated by Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers to impede UTT’s growing national influence as a truth-teller against jihad and sharia in the US homeland,” Andrews said in a statement. “But I guarantee you, UTT will not be silenced by lawless intimidation of this kind.” We are confident John Guandolo will be fully vindicated, and that Sheriff Stanek’s unprofessional conduct will be condemned, when this matter is adjudicated.

Source: BNI

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