DISGUSTING !! – 3rd Graders Kneel for Anthem as NFL’s Negative Influence Continues (Video)

In the past year, we’ve seen the NFL, much like Hollywood and the media, become entirely politicized, and it’s set a terrible influence for America’s youth.

No longer are sports stars providing a good example for the kids of America, now, “heroes” like Colin Kaepernick use their positions to teach our kids to hate everything about this great country.

Sadly, the negative influence by the NFL is evident in youth sports at all levels now, and the recent video clip of a team of third graders kneeling for the national anthem is no exception.

These kids, who have been given bad examples by professional athletes and their own coach, are being taught to hate America from an early age, a dangerous and disheartening thing.

Sources: FOX News, Tea Partier, and Truthfeed

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