DISGUSTING: Abortion Provider Offers Free Abortions to Harvey Victims

Liberals are so incredibly depraved.

Offering to take a life, from a person whose life was saved, is ironic and despicable.

That’s exactly what an abortion provider is doing by offering “free abortions” for Harvey survivors.

We’re sad to report, they already have 15 appointments scheduled.

This is the degeneracy and indecency of the the “progressive” left in action.

A Texas abortion clinic has raised enough money to provide 15 abortions for Hurricane Harvey victims.

The clinic has set up a relief fund for women whose appointments to get abortions were postponed by the storm, and so far has enough money to end the lives of 15 unborn babies.

“There’s not really a safety net, especially when it comes to health care — we really felt like it was important to step up and do our part,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, the founder and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, according to the Texas Tribune. “In any kind of natural disaster, women’s health care becomes a critical issue.”

The abortion organization set up a Stigma Relief Fund to raise money for abortions, and the fund has raised almost $6,000 since it was created. Whole Women’s Health clinic in San Antonio will perform six abortions while the other nine will take place in Austin, according to a clinic spokesperson. The organization has four locations in Texas.

Whole Women’s Health has been embroiled in a lawsuit regarding second-trimester abortions, and its Austin location also recently reopened after two years without providing abortions due to Texas’ laws restricting abortions. The abortion clinic plans to continue fundraising so that it can enable more women to get free abortions after the storm.

Sources: Daily Caller and Truthfeed

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