Footage Of Non-Human Creature Goes VIRAL

Alien like animal still unidentified

Footage of an unidentified creature captured in the former Soviet Republic Of Azerbaijan has gone viral across social media.

The strange creature is shocking in appearance with an extremely hairy body, a monkey like a face and humanoid hands. In the clip, the creature seems to be lying down and occasionally blinks.

Later in the clip, the creature seems to be roaming around the room. Youtube comments have claimed that the animals are actually a monkey, while others are convinced it’s an Alien non-human creature.


These creatures could include, Sasquatch or the Loch Ness monsters. On one website,, Igor Burtsev of the International Center of Hominology presented the video to the website.

Igor Burstev is a Moscow native who is considered to be a “Yeti” expert. He has claimed to have gathered evidence that the Russian yeti exist. Concerning the creature in the video, Burstev claims that the small creature could be a baby big foot, a small almasty, or simply a monkey in a suit.

In order for the creature to be confirmed as real or fake, much more evidence is needed. The appearance of the creature does seem rather bizarre but, the video could have been easily staged with minimal effort. Could the creature be a relative of the infamous big foot? Or is this a simply a monkey who has been made to appear as such?

Sources: and Neon Nettle

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