India: Muslims hack Hindu to death for being in a relationship with a Muslim woman

Islamic law forbids Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, although Muslim men may marry women from “the People of the Book.” The idea is the the Muslim community is always expanding, the non-Muslim community always diminishing.

TIRUPATI: A 31-year-old man who was hacked two days ago at NTR colony in Kuppam of Chittoor district for being in a relationship with a girl from another faith breathed his last on Tuesday. His mother, who too was attacked, is still under treatment.Police have imposed IPC Section 144 in the region and are patrolling the streets to prevent reprisals.The victim, Upendra, was attacked by eight of the girl’s relatives identified as Ahmathulla, alias Basha, Hamanullah, 31, Rahamathullah, 28, Azad, 25, and four others.

Police said the eight barged into Upendra’s house on Sunday claiming that he had pushed stagnated water into their house. “It was only an excuse. They bore a grudge against him for his alleged affair with their sister,” the police said.The men then hacked Upenda and beat up his mother who was in the kitchen. They emptied the steaming hot contents of a vessel on her and ransacked the house before leaving. Residents of the colony tried to catch the assailants but they managed to escape

This is not uncommon in India – this is one other story from 2 years ago:

Sources: New Indian Expresss and Jihad Watch

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