IOWA: After failing to get former FBI agent John Guandolo’s seminar cancelled, CAIR gets a smackdown by Guandolo at the event

The Director of CAIR-Iowa, Miriam Amer, and her colleagues from designated terrorist group CAIR, showed up at the Understanding the Threat (UTT) event on Sept 14th in Iowa bent on disrupting the counter-(Islamic) terrorism presentation, but were humiliated by John Guandolo.

Democrat Glenn Hurst, a Marxist and candidate for the Pottawattamie County (IOWA) Board of Supervisors, organized some people – including his friends/colleagues at Hamas (dba CAIR) – to use newspapers to disrupt.

The entire thing backfired on the anti-American crowd, totaling about a dozen versus the 140 others in the room who understood that the very people causing the problems, specifically CAIR, are actually a danger to the community in rural Iowa.

Always under fire from designated terrorist group CAIR, former FBI agent and counter-terrorism expert, John Guandolo, is the go-to person for training law enforcement officers about the growing threat Islam poses to America

Every time Guandolo is scheduled to give a speech or a training session, CAIR thugs try to shut him down in advance.

Guandolo warned that Muslims in America are getting jobs at airports, hotels, convenience stores and cab companies as part of a growing “insurgency” and an “intentional plan” to “occupy the land.”

“Why are they building huge, $100 million mosques in areas where there are like 100 or 90 Muslims?” he asked. “Because, when they build a mosque they’re claiming territory, now all they have to do is occupy it. So they’re calling Muslims to occupy the land. All of this, they have an intentional plan and it’s based in Islamic doctrine and they’re putting it to work through what they’re doing.”

CAIR thugs take their smear campaign against counter-terrorism trainer John Guandolo to the Kansas media

Source: BNI

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