ISIS claims attack on US forces in Iraq that killed two and injured five

Once the caliphate is definitively rolled up, the jihadis from Europe and North America will return to the countries of their citizenship. And those countries, apparently bent on suicide, will let them back in. Many have already been allowed to return.

Islamic State on Sunday claimed an attack on US forces assisting Iraqi troops in the war on the jihadist militants in northern Iraq.

Islamic State fighters fired Grad rockets on American troops east of Tal Afar, a town still under control of the militants west of Mosul, according to an online statement from the group.

The American military had said earlier that two US service members had been killed and five injured during combat operations in northern Iraq on Sunday. In a statement, the military first said initial reports indicated the incident was not due to enemy contact. It said the incident was being investigated.

Islamic State’s self-proclaimed “caliphate” effectively collapsed last month.

Sources: Reuters and Jihad Watch

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