Liberals Attack a Police Officer for Wearing a Kaepernick Halloween Costume

Liberals are losing their minds over a police officer from the University of Nevada, who dressed up as Colin Kaepernick for Halloween.

A photo has been circulating all over social media of the officer wearing a homemade Kaepernick jersey, fake nose, an afro and a “will stand for food” sign.

Liberals have labeled the costume “racist” and are demanding that the officer be punished!

A police officer from the University of Nevada — Colin Kaepernick’s alma mater — dressed as the former NFL quarterback for Halloween and leftists are up in arms about it.

A photo of Officer Antonio Gutierrez began circulating on social media on Monday mostly thanks to Twitter users who found the spoof costume offensive. In it, Gutierrez is seen wearing a makeshift Kaepernick jersey, a fake nose, an afro and a “will stand for food” sign.

The costume is a clear shot at the former NFL player’s national anthem protest, which he began to protest America’s alleged oppression of racial minorities. The protest eventually transformed into an argument over patriotism and respect for the flag and our military, which Kaepernick now blames for his continued unemployment.

Sources: Daily Caller and Truthfeed

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