Mattis Shocks Congress with Stunning Statement About Military — Obama Sabotaged Us

“No enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of our military than sequestration.”

That was the shocking assessment by Secretary of Defense James Mattis of our military’s state of readiness due to Obama era budget sequestration, reports NDTV.

To repair the damage done, Mattis wants the President to cut the State Department budget (which he has proposed to do) and use those funds to increase the Pentagon’s funding for our troop.

NDTV writes that the Pentagon “has called for $574 billion in general defense funding, with an additional $65 billion for supplemental wartime spending — for a total of $639 billion. That represents a more than $50 billion increase — about 10 percent — over 2017 funding levels for the base budget.”

Failure to bolster the strength of our military will, Mattis stated, lead to Russia and China filling the void and possibly trigger a ‘Great power competition’ not seen since pre-World War II.

It is outrageous what Obama has done to our men and women of the military, but thankfully President Trump and Mattis are now in charge!


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