MINNEAPOLIS: ANOTHER Police Force (Somali?) Muslim diversity hire arrested for threatening to kill a woman

“Here we go again… Minneapolis lives are being risked, and sacrificed, in exchange for political correctness, and unqualified Muslim candidates being given a badge and a gun, and a license to kill, with women being the main targets.”

Just a month after Minneapolis Somali Muslim migrant cop, Mohamed Noor, murdered unarmed, pajama-clad Justine Damond, the same police department recruited another (possibly Somali) Muslim onto their force to replace him. However, the very night before his swearing-in ceremony, Cadet Ahmed Mohamed Jama, 29, was arrested and detained for threatening to shoot and kill his wife the night before being sworn in as a Minneapolis Police Officer.

The police report states that Ahmed Mohamed Jama told his wife that he was going to “shoot her in the head” without fear of reprimand because he knew he would “get away with it,” local FOX News outlet reports.

The police report states that on August 1 at around 11 p.m., Jama concluded an argument with his wife by threatening to murder her, using his status as a licensed peace officer and upcoming promotion as leverage for getting away with murder. Jama’s duty firearm was in his possession at the time of the threat, causing his wife to believe that he would go through with his plan.

According to the police report, Jama could receive up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 if found guilty.

Alpha News confirms that Jama filed paperwork to become a Police Cadet in August 2016, entering a similar training program that Noor had completed. Being a Muslim, possibly a Somali as well, Jama was the perfect replacement to keep the Minneapolis PD diverse and multicultural. Of course, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo has placed Jama on administrative leave instead of firing him.

Minnesota has become a hotbed of Islamic terrorism and Sharia enclaves as the Somali Muslim migrant population grows and segregates themselves from the rest of the population. As such, their barbaric religious and cultural fundamentals are allowed to fester until the politically correct authorities are forced to address inhumanities America has virtually never encountered before.

Sources: Mad World News, Star Tribune, Alpha News, and Bare Naked Islam

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