MUST SEE! What the media refuse to tell you about why the Buddhists are driving the Bengali Rohingya Muslims out of Myanmar

For decades Bengali Muslims known as “Rohingyas,” mainly from Bangladesh, have been trying to carve out an Islamic state within the Buddhist nation of Myanmar using the preferred method that Muslims use everywhere – violence.

After many years of Myanmar’s Burmese Buddhists seeing their girls and women raped, their monks slaughtered, they women kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam, their villages burned down by Muslims, they began to fight back. Yes, the most peaceful people on earth (Buddhists) reacted as anyone would against a conquering army – they began driving them out and fighting them to the death when necessary.

This is what Muslims do everywhere, only they don’t stop with a state within a state. Eventually they take over the entire country, which is how most Muslim countries today became Islamic nations…by forcibly converting as many non-Muslims as possible and ethnically cleansing the rest of the members of the majority religion of the country they infiltrated…i.e, Egypt, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, Turkey, to name a few.

Now the question every one of us must be asking is, why do Muslims kill Christians? Why do Muslims kill Muslims? pretty much everywhere in the world. None of the Buddhists we know did/ does / wants to kill Muslims, at least not because of any religious reasons. But in Myanmar we find low tolerance towards proselytism, this means there’s no problem with any religion you may have, as long as you stick to it and don’t attempt to convert others. The Christians have learned their lesson a long time ago although they continue to do it without being aggressive about it, the Hindus never had such ambitions, the Buddhists never engage in that, but the Muslims…Well…Well…Well

On the other hand Rohingyas communities tend to be highly conservative of inter-faith marriages where they punish and sometimes kills their women in case they marry someone outside Rohingyas. While they are ready to marry Buddhist women and convert them to Islam. This doesn’t sit well with some conservative factions of the Buddhist majority, for obvious reasons.

Sources: Lg Nang and BNI

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