NEW STUDY : Letting Illegals Stay Costs SIX TIME MORE Than Deporting Them

The liberal narrative gets destroyed yet AGAIN.

According to a new study, it costs six times more to keep illegals in our country, sponging off of our resources, than it is to deport them.

That’s right!

Boot em’ out!

Build the wall!

Rather than paying our hard earned money to keep giving these illegal criminal aliens welfare, public housing, health benefits, and paying for the cost of their incarceration and other needless wastes of money, they should be deported immediately.

Anything else is simply unfair to the American taxpayer…

Critics often say it would be far too expensive for the United States to deport all illegal immigrants.

But the cost of letting them stay in the country would be much, much higher, according to a new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies.

In fact, it would cost roughly six times as much to allow all current illegal immigrants to live in the U.S. for life than it would to deport them all, the study found.

CIS used data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which reported the average cost of a deportation was $10,854 in fiscal year 2016.

This figure includes the cost of apprehension, detention and processing.

Meanwhile, the average lifetime net fiscal drain (taxes paid minus services used) for each illegal immigrant is $65,292.

This figure was based on fiscal estimates of immigrants by education level from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, who is challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan in the 2018 GOP primary in Wisconsin’s first congressional district, said this report offers an important message for the D.C. establishment.

“If the federal government is serious about raising the wages of its citizens and reducing the tax burden on those same voters, they should immediately commence deportation procedures against all illegal aliens in this country,” Nehlen told WND.

Nehlen, author of “Wage The Battle,” does not think most D.C. politicians are truly in tune with American voters on illegal immigration.

Sources: World Net Daily and Truthfeed

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