North Korea and Iran Forming a New Axis of Evil

North Korea and Iran have both been making headlines lately, and the two rogue nations seem to be doing their best to garner as much negative press as possible, given their current behavior.

On Friday, July 28, North Korea test and launched a long range intercontinental ballistic missile, which landed into the Sea of Japan.

This launch was yet another slap in the face to the rest of the world, who has tried for years to reach an international agreement with North Korea and stop them from developing and launching missiles, but lately, the small and isolated nation has completely disregarded all attempts at negotiations.

Friday’s launch was the second time in a month that North Korea has launched an ICMB, having previously launched another missile on July 4.

North Korea claims these ICMB launches are merely tests designed to advance their space program, and this time, even had a re-entry module equipped, which landed about 600 miles from the launch, near Japan.

United States officials are still trying to determine the capabilities of this new ICBM, but it is widely believed to be able to reach the U.S. mainland, something that has just changed the tone of the recent events in a serious way.

North Korean dictator, the brutal Kim Jong-un, said that Friday’s launch served as a “stern warning” for the United States, and claimed that the entire U.S. mainland was within striking range.

North Korea’s actions have sparked a sea of condemnation from many different countries, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, and China, among others.

At this point, it appears that the rest of the world has begun seriously discussing measure which could go far beyond the usual sanctions and other failed attempts to dissuade the rogue nation from escalating violence.

As tensions are ratcheting up with each launch, it does appear at times that the North Korean dictator is intent on starting a war, bringing the fury of the rest of the world to his doorstep.

Just one day prior to the North Korean launch, Iran launched its own ICMB, based off the North Korean design.

According to analysis, the Iranian launch was widely believed to have failed; officials state that they believe is suffered “catastrophic failure” and exploded.

While experts say that North Korea is far more capable than Iran of producing successful ICBMs, Iran has a far more advanced nuclear weapon program, and that in itself should be a clear warning of the possible catastrophe that could occur should these two rogue nations decide to join forces and start a war.

Under former President Obama’s weak leadership and embarrassing foreign policy, Iran was allowed to develop an advanced nuclear program, which is said to be 10 years more advanced than North Korea’s.

The North Korean government, however, has focused more on the actual missile technology itself, and would only need to use Iranian-produced nuclear warheads in tandem with their ICBM armaments in order to wreak massive chaos and destruction on the rest of the world.

World leaders seem more concerned with North Korea than they do with Iran, likely because Iran is more prone to cooperation than Kim Jong-un’s paranoid dictatorship, but Iran has proven to be a devious and dangerous entity itself.

An alliance between North Korea and Iran could spell global warfare, and both nations have laughed off sanctions levied against them in previous years, as well as recently.

The prospect of war is not pleasant, and by all means should be a last resort, but it is something to take into consideration, given the escalation of these two countries in recent months.

Supporters of President Trump are largely against any kind of interventionist International warfare, which was a big reason many backed him, but if we are being directly threatened on the mainland, as is the case with North Korea, there are not many other courses of action to take.

With North Korea brazenly testing dangerous armaments which could quickly become weapons of mass destruction, as well as their pointed and very descriptive threats about striking the United States mainland, they may well force America’s hand.

From a rational standpoint, North Korea has nothing to gain from a war with the United States, as it is a war they cannot hope to win.

With South Korea and China surrounding them, and both nations being fed up with the North Korean behavior over the past decade, they’re not exactly safe, and surely must be aware that the possibility of war does not bode well for them.

Unfortunately, Kim Jong-un is not a rational man, and is widely believed to be insane, so the prospect of bringing down the wrath of the world’s military forces isn’t a guaranteed deterrent.

One thing is for certain, however, and that is the fact that an alliance between North Korea and Iran could result in a deadly partnership, and potentially a nuclear war.

Sources – PatriotBeat and Truthfeed

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