Pakistan: Islamic authorities ban musical gatherings, seize and burn musical instruments

There is NO FUN in islam !!

Ayatollah Khomeini is reported to have said:

“Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious. …” (Political thought and legacy of Khomeini, Wikipedia, 20 November 2010)1

This appears to be a sour view of life. Is it true to Islam? Ayatollah Khomeini was a leading figure in Shia Islam. Do present day Shia share this view? What about Sunnis, do they share this same attitude toward life? Is Khomeini’s view drawn from the Qur’an itself? There does not seem to be much joy in the Qur’an. Is this the basis for Khomeini’s view about life? Maybe Khomeini never read this part of the Qur’an: “And that He it is who maketh laugh, and maketh weep,” (53:43) The context does not seem to be clear whether this relates to creation or to the end of life.

A study of the Qur’an concerning joy does not reveal much in the current attitude toward life except anticipating the reward of the gardens of Paradise which would then be filled with joy that they were obedient. The people who die in battle for Allah are “jubilant” (3:170). The present life “is but the joy of delusion” (3:185 Arberry). Pickthall does not use “joy” but “comfort of illusion”. The importance of the next life is stressed while the present life is deceiving.

The Qur’an even warns people who reject Allah’s messenger that Allah is going to judge them quickly and severely. “Then change We the evil plight for good till they grew affluent and said: Tribulation and distress did touch our fathers. Then we seized them unawares, when they perceived not.” (7:95)

The background of this verse is that Shu’eyb went to a people to tell them about Allah, and the chieftains disbelieved and discouraged people from listening to Shu’eyb. An earthquake seized them and they were prostrate in their houses. Those who rejected Shu’eyb were the losers. Then it seems that no prophet is sent to a people until its people had been afflicted with tribulation so they would grow humble. If they had believed in the first place the blessings from the sky would be opened upon them. Verse 7:096 seems to indicate that Allah changed the evil into good until they became affluent and “then We seized them unawares, when they perceived not.”

One can empathize with stress on the future life and the shallowness of the materialism, but is there not joy and happiness in the Creator’s intention right now? Is there a right to be joyful now?

Or, is joyless legalism the very essence of Islam how it is supposed to be? In all fairness, legalism is not limited to Islam. The Talmud has a lot of legalism in it, and there have been Christians who have lived a legalistic existence all their lives.

Khomeini’s pronouncement about Islam simply reflects the view that Islam is about legalism, obeying the precepts of Islam to win acceptance with Allah. Allah does not like fun. Allah does not like jokes. Allah does not like humor. And from other sources Allah does not like music.

Seminary organisers in the town of Landi Kotal in the Federally Administered Tribal Area on Friday allegedly announced a ban on musical gatherings in the area, sources in the political administration told DawnNews.

Syed Mohammad Ilyas Banuri alias Khan Lala and Syed Muhammad Ibrahim alias Bacha Jan, organisers of the Khanqah-e-Binoria seminary, allegedly announced the restriction on musical gatherings in the Shinwari Ashkhel area, the sources said.

The organisers warned that the houses of those either holding musical gatherings or in possession of musical instruments would be burnt, the sources claimed.

According to sources, a few days ago, the organisers of the seminary had allegedly ransacked weddings in the area and seized musical instruments being played there.

Today, after Friday prayers and in the presence of hundreds of people, the men allegedly burnt the instruments, the sources said

Sources: Dawn, Answering Islam, and Jihad Watch

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