PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’s “Art of Killing the Dumb Deal with Australia”

Right before he left office, Barack Hussein Obama made a deal with Australia, agreeing to take in 1,200 unscreened, dangerous, illegal alien Muslim invaders posing as refugees, currently housed in detention camps offshore on the islands of Nauru and Manus. Most were deemed illegitimate refugees or too risky to be resettled in Australia…by everyone except the bleeding hearts on the Far Left.

A new agreement between the United States and Australia has been reached according to Australian Prime Minister Turnbull, who just announced that after extreme vetting by the Trump administration, only 50 of the Muslim detainees will be allowed to enter America, a significant difference from the 1,200 who already would have been in the U.S. under the Muslim Brotherhood Obama regime.

White House deputy spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters the deal to resettle in the US 1,200 Muslim refugees currently held at Australian-funded offshore detention centers was reached with President Barack Obama, and it was the prerogative of President Trump to set his own policies.

That still leaves around 2,000 Muslim detainees that Australia would be wise to return to their home countries. Or even better, send them to the homes of all the loud-mouth Leftist bleeding hearts who have been begging for Australia to free them from the camps.

Source: BNI

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