REALLY ?? – Rosie O’Donnell APOLOGIZES to Kim Jong-Un!!! (Video)

Liberal hatred for Trump is reaching new and unprecedented levels.

This hatred is so extreme that it’s driven them to supporting KIM JONG-UN.

These folks have gone beyond mere mockery and disdain for President Trump, and have now gleefully crossed the line into treasonous territory.

Susan Rice, Maxine Waters, and Keith Ellison have all recently slammed our president while defending and praising North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un

Well, it doesn’t get too much weirder than this.

Rosie O’Donnell’s hatred for President Donald Trump is well-known.

She hasn’t let anything hold her back from sharing her sentiments.

But this has to take the cake for possible the weirdest tweet against Trump yet.

Sources: YC and Truthfeed

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