ROCK THE VOTE !! – Kid Rock is Registering Voters at His Concerts!

Liberals won’t like this one bit, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Kid Rock has not officially launched his senatorial campaign but is already making headlines.

Kid Rock announced that he’s registering voters as his concerts.

This is a brilliant move from the legendary American singer, who has recently come out swinging as an “America First” Senate candidate, and who is receiving tons of support from the people of this country.

As Kid Rock’s chances at a Senate win continue to look better and better, the Democrats are starting to sweat, as they realize that beating the rock icon will prove harder than they initially thought.

Kid Rock is already gaining support from GOP lawmakers.

Although he hasn’t officially declared, Kid Rock is getting his fans registered in Michigan


Sources: The Hill, Gateway Pundit, and Truthfeed

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