SHOCK VIDEO : Small American Town DOMINATED By Somali Refugees

These days, it feels like the whole world is being swallowed whole by Islam, its influence seems to be creeping into Western culture like a vine, and is choking the life out of us.

Refugees from the Middle East are pouring into Europe, the UK, Canada, and now they’re even taking over towns in America.

We’ve seen Muslim dominated cities like Dearborn, MI, Minneapolis, MN, and now a small town in Tennessee is becoming completely dominated by Islamic migrants.

Shelbyville, Tennesee has been taken over by Somali refugees, who are erasing the strong Southern culture and replacing it with Islamic rule.

This is all part of a “test run” to establish a globalist plan for a “new America,” and it’s being perpetrated by globalist elites who are using these unvetted hordes of third world migrants as their personal army.

As we’ve heard European politicians openly say, these Islamic invaders are actually our “replacements,” this is all part of the greater plan to destroy the West, and it will only get worse if we allow it to continue.

This is frightening, and should serve as a harsh warning to the rest of America…

Sources: 100% Fed Up, CBN, and Truthfeed

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