SWEDEN: Muslim invader posing as a refugee with 3 wives and 16 junior jihadis gets three condominiums free of charge for his litter, paid for by hardworking Swedish taxpayers

This was supposed be kept secret, but it’s out. The municipality has bought three condominiums in Saltsjöbaden, outside of Stockholm, for a total of $13,950,000 SEK ($1,751,056.21 USD)

It was under strict confidentiality that the social services in the municipality of Nacka acquired three condominiums in Saltsjöbaden for a family consisting of a man with three wives and 16 children. SD Nacka has compiled information from the public records and minutes from the City Council and concluded that the data, originally made up of rumors, is correct.

In total, the municipality has purchased three housing units in the area of ​​Ljuskärrsberget for 5.5, 3.3 and 5.2 million for the 57-year-old Muslim freeloaders. The three wives are 40, 40 and 43 years old, according to SD Nacka’s press release.

But that’s not all. The Nacka municipality has bought housing for 250 billion SEK ($31 billion USD) for new Muslim arrivals in Nacka, which is called “Housing Supply for Social Needs”.

SD Nacka is strongly critical of the majority’s actions and has voted no to all budgets for housing rights for immigrants. On its Facebook page, the party also raises the big differences in benefits for Swedes and Muslim invaders (who get a lot more)

As a migrant in Sweden, you have the right to a home paid for by taxpayers, subsistence allowance, establishment allowance (with financial assistance covering excessive costs) and access to the entire welfare system, “the party notes. (And no requirement to get a job?)

“SD Nacka thinks it’s an outrage that Nackaborna’s tax money goes to financing housing for foreigners when Swedish young people cannot afford to move away from home and senior citizens are getting pushed out into inferior housing to make room for the Muslim freeloaders.

Many Swedes would be jealous of him being given 3 apartments in Stockholm, as the country is gripped in an unprecedented housing crisis.

But even with all this, it isn’t good enough for these Muslim supremacists. Breitbart reported on Muslim migrants dissatisfied with the life provided them by Swedish taxpayers:

“You have made our lives miserable,” Syrian Mohammad Jumaa wrote in an opinion piece published by Sweden’s public broadcaster. Blasting how he and other Muslim migrants have waited a year but have yet to be provided with “a good life”, which includes a well-paid job and nice home, he laments: “We are people, not animals that only need to eat and sleep!”

“I had very high hopes of getting my own private house. And then they give me this apartment. It’s like a refugee camp. What is the difference?” the former Damascus resident (below) complained. “I’m 25 years old and have not had a girlfriend before. I’m still a virgin. I’m looking for a girlfriend, I’m looking for a wife. But this is impossible, how can I be able to have a life in this room?” he added.

Slamming Swedes for “forcing” migrants to “wait in housing with poor conditions”, he wrote: “I am an honorable and honest man. Many refugees curse the day they came here.

“Why did you open your doors to us refugees, if you can’t help us to live a dignified, respectful and fulfilled life?” Mohammed asks.

Swedish citizens are being kicked out of their housing to make room for the tens of thousands of Muslim freeloaders every year.

Source: BNI

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