Texas man rides horse into Whataburger, dances on tables.

Police were not called to the Whataburger, a report says

VICTORIA, Texas – It was nothing but horseplay at a Victoria Whataburger over the weekend when a man donning a cowboy hat rode into the store on horseback, startling staff and customers.

The eccentric act was caught on Facebook live in a video that has been viewed over 41,000 times since it was posted on Saturday.

Texas man rides horse into Whataburger, dances on tables. An unidentified man rose a horse into a Texas Whataburger.
An unidentified man in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots rode a horse into a Whataburger restaurant and started dancing on tables Saturday night in Victoria, Texas.

“The feet – click, click, click, click – that’s what we heard,” Mari Navarro, a Whataburger employee, told on Monday. “At first we didn’t notice. A few customers said, ‘Oh my God,’ I turned around to see what was happening, and I saw a big o’ white horse in the lobby.”
In the video, the man is seen riding his white horse into the burger joint and dismounting his steed before in the aisle as customers and employees watch in disbelief. He then jumps on a table, dances some more, jumps off, and removes his hat as he does another jig.

After the night manager asked the cowboy to leave, the man obliges and tries to pull his horse out of the restaurant. At first, the horse appears to not want to leave. But eventually, both man and horse go off ito the night.

No injuries were occurred and police were not notified.

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