UK: MUSLIM Mayor of Oldham by Manchester mandates all council meetings begin with Islamic prayer (Video)

What’s next? Councilwomen ordered to wear Islamic headbags?

Notice how the majority of council members do not appear to be Muslim, so why doesn’t anyone object?

Dhimmis…. Look at them. They are so ignorant and bend their heads along in prayers that call for their own demise in the most brutal manner imaginable.

Why should they have Islamic prayers at all in their sessions? Muslims are highly superstitious. They believe in the power of these prayers and that by adding these toxic rituals to the infidel’s world, to their food (halal slaughters), to their water, to their neighbourhoods, to their government and so on – the energy from the Islamic prayers will help to spread Allah’s magic dust over the infidels and into their DNA. This victory means the infidel will be surrounded and soaked by Allah’s energy through air, water and food and into their entire organism and eventually lead to a total surrender to Islam.

It seems to be working.

Source: BNI

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