VIDEO: Veterans Put NFL Kneelers TO SHAME With This Dedication to Old Glory

Former NFL player, David Vobora, is fighting against national anthem protests with positivity and patriotism!

The National Football League has been rocked by scandal this season as dozens of players on multiple teams have protested by kneeling during the national anthem. While the players claim they are practicing their first amendment rights, the president and others have argued that this move disrespects a national symbol and veterans who fought and died for our country.

One former player has had enough of the protests and decided to do combat them with positivity and patriotism. Former St. Louis Rams player David Vobora launched the “Dear Flag” campaign, working with veterans and football players to record what the flag means to them.

Just a warning, this video will probably bring a tear to your eye!

Watch the video:

Sources: Liberty Writers and Truthfeed

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