WTF?? Judge Sides With ISIS in Fraud Case! – REALLY !!!

By now, we all know that Europe is almost completely turned upside down, and has become infatuated with their new Islamic migrants, but this recent case from Germany is absolutely unbelievable.

A German court ruled that a Syrian refugee was guilty of attempting to DEFRAUD the terrorist organization known as ISIS, and sentenced him to two years in prison.

The Syrian, who was a 39-year-old hairdresser, attempted to get ISIS to wire him 180,000 euros, after he promised to carry out terrorist attacks in their name under false pretenses.

The prosecution argued for a harsher sentence, saying that he was guilty of far more severe crimes, and believed he was actually planning to carry out acts of terror.

Regardless, this is absolutely absurd, and is one more reason we must make sure to halt the flow of Islamic refugees into the United States.

One way or the other, this man was easily in contact with ISIS, one of the most brutal and violent terrorist organizations the world has ever seen; do we really need unvetted refugees and migrants coming here with these connections to terrorism?

A German court has found a Syrian refugee guilty of attempting to defraud Islamic State, a court spokeswoman said on Monday, granting legal protection to a group viewed as terrorists by the European Union.

A judge in the district court in the southwestern city of Saarbruecken sentenced the 39-year old hairdresser from Damascus to two years in prison for trying to get Islamic State operatives to transfer him up to 180,000 euros ($212,400.00).

The judge ruled that the man used the false pretense that he would carry out attacks in Germany for Islamic State using explosives. The money was never transferred to the man.

The court rejected the prosecution’s argument that the man was guilty of the more serious crime of planning to carry out attacks on behalf of the militant organization.

Both parties have appealed the ruling to the Federal Supreme Court, the court spokeswoman said. The Syrian refugee was named only as Hasan A. due to German privacy laws. ($1 = 0.8472 euros)

Sources: Jerusalem Post and Truthfeed

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